Friends of the Contra Tempo Chamber Orchestra Association

The “Friends of the Contra Tempo Chamber Orchestra Association” was founded on the initiative of its listeners following the artistic path of the Orchestra, which has been based in Thessaloniki from its very first steps. With the establishment of this Association we are trying to materialize our appreciation and love, to offer all the help we can – and any help is essential these days – in an effort to get the Orchestra to stand on its own feet and become an institution in our town.

The respect for the quality music that the Orchestra and its musician are offering has been the keystone on which the Association is basing its activities. The purpose of this all is to fully support the Orchestra on any matter that promotes and increases its turnover.

The “Friends of the Contra Tempo Chamber Orchestra Association” is supporting and standing by the musicians and it is operating with ambition and hope for the Orchestra to become an institution for the musical life of our town, in order for all music lovers to be able to enjoy its music.

Any participation towards this effort is welcome. For more information regarding the activities or participation in the Association, please contact us at: