Contra Tempo Chamber Orchestra

The Contra Tempo Chamber Orchestra was formed in March 2012, under the initiative of Greek conductor Vladimiros Symeonidis, who brought musicians together to work in an outstanding ensemble in spite of the challenges of these difficult times.

The orchestra is made up of a group of excellent young musicians, the majority of whom do not work in any other Symphony Orchestra in Thessaloniki.

Its creation was inspired by the «Verein für Private Musikalische Aufführungen» founded by A. Schoenberg in Vienna after the end of the First World War during a period of social and economic turmoil not far away from the reality of life in Greece today.

The aim of the ensemble is to explore the repertoire for Chamber Orchestra, drawing from different eras and stylistic perspectives, and to highlight the work of Greek composers, contemporary or otherwise. In addition the group presents symphonic works transcribed for small orchestra.

The State Conservatoire of Thessaloniki took the orchestra under its auspices from the very beginning, underlining its historical commitment to the support of new musical ventures.